Problem with Vista/XP remote desktop over home WLAN (ST780)

After recently switching modems to a Thomson ST780 I'm having a weird problem with Remote Desktop between my Vista laptop (guest) and XP desktop (host) over my home network.

Remote desktop is working fine over wired LAN. But when I try to connect the laptop via wireless something strange happens: the Remote Desktop connection opens a window as normal, but then just hangs with a blank, black window. After a minute or so an alert comes up saying it can't connect.

It's weird that the remote connection gets so far and then fails...

I checked that file sharing is working over WLAN, I can ping from each computer to the other over WLAN, and I have switched off all firewalls.

Now I'm stuck as to what to try next. Any insights or ideas would be welcome

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It sounds like your Guest is sending packets to your host which are larger than your WLAN can cope with, so the packets aren't getting through.  You can try to play around with your MTU size and see if that helps resolve the problem.

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squarebracketAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lester - was quite easy to find info on how to tweak MTU size in Vista
squarebracketAuthor Commented:
Spot on - thanks Lester!
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