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Wise Install Pro 9 - Installation Hangs on Font Install - Recurring porblem

kksoft asked
It seems that using Wise Pro Installer 9, my end-users quite often get hung on font installations. I have been doing this for years and place the fonts in the correct folder for installing by Wise. The installation will hit the point where it install a font(s) and just stops. Never any other dll or ocx or exe, just a ttf file.

I thought it might be a end-user permissions problem, but they would not be able to install any dll or ocs if it was a permission problem. They get this on XP and Vista.

Any work-around or suggetsion?
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What's the font file you are trying to install and how are you installing this msi on the user's pc? Is this happening for all users or specific users? Have you tried installing the msi to see if the results are the same under admin login? If so, then we can single out the problem to the MSI and how its packaged. There are chances that when the fonts are installed via msi, it might write some values to the HKLM registry hive (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts).

In a lock down user environment, this poses a problem as the user's may only have read access to HKLM hive. In cases like these, a simple solution would be a setup capture first, then place the font in the fonts folder, it will prompt with a pop-up dialog box stating that the font has been successfully installed, then you end the setup capture. This will capture the font and its associated HKLM reg entry and includes them in the package. This has worked for me time n time again when the method of importing the fonts directly into the msi using wise has failed. Hope this helps. Cheers.
is it possible to look in the log of the installation, to see the action that hangs?

could this be the anwer:

45219: Fixed a problem that caused the Register Fonts action to hang the installation on some NT-based computers.


I knew this was a bug in the software. Thanks for finding that!