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Backup Solution for a PC

smullen0222 asked
One of the owners of the company I work for would like a backup solution for his home pc.
He would like to back up everything (not just the data).
I was wondering if anyone can recommend the best hardware and software to accomplish this
that would not require a guru to install and set up?
I am thinking about Norton's Ghost on an external USB drive, but am really searching for the
best solution for him.
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I would suggest Acronis - http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/

I would also suggest you remind him that backups only protect against so much - if he wants to be truly safe, he'll need at least two external drives and backup to one, take it off site, then backup to another and take it off site and bring the first one back.

My suggestions would be the following -
- For a full image of the drive use software such as leew suggests but you will need to physically move the image offsite to provide any level of protection.
- Backup the data only on a daily basis to an offsite server through a web interface(you can buy space very cheaply and schedule a backup every night)
- If your boss has a really good backup system at work then why not remote in to an office PC from home. You would get all the advantages of the corporate backup systems.
- Use pc synching  software (http://www.2brightsparks.com/welcome/aw3/synchronize.html?gclid=CLGCgquEnJECFQI2sgod5mfFOw) to synch the home pc to a machine at the office.

All of these would work but it alld epends on how important the data is and what type of systems they have at work etc.... Can you give us any more information?
Feroz AhmedSenior Network Security  / Senior System Engineer

Installing Ghost will creat an alternative Image for OS but where is the relevant data stored onto it ,for this you need to copy the relevant data other drive and can continue with Ghost .

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