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Determining if Public IP on a switch/router is static or Dynamic

Is there a tool in Windows XP to determine if the public (external) IP is static or dynamic from a machine on a network.

Right now we go into the router itself to determine this.  We can get the external IP number in several ways, but haven't found a way to see if it's static or dynamic.


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theres not a direct way to find out, so you may have to contact your ISP. also if you're on a cable network, generally those are dynamic IPs unless otherwise specified (in which case there is usually a surcharge of some type).
Would have to check the configuration on the router. It will also stay dynamic unless you change it.
Its not very easy to identify if address is static or dynamic but in some cases you may do an nslookup on address and see if you get reverse dns answer from which you could identify is address is static or dynamic,


midi152 & bhnmi:
Thanks for the answers.

Our end users are small businesses - usually we offer support by a remote session that the user can initiate and it expires in a few hours or upon closing on our end.  Using the remote session we can go into their routers to check the configuration.  I find that calling the ISP is often not as simple as it could be.

Some users may want an "always on" connection.  We then can have them get a static IP  or use something like a dynamic DNS service.  

The problem is sometimes we have either the owner or one of our nontechnical reps sitting in front of a machine and don't have the remote session option.  Am looking for a generic alternative to having them open up the router and navigate them blindly through different router setup screens to determine if their external IP is static or dynamic.


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