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MS Word crashing -MSO.dll error

bk5284 asked
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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I have one user that uses Word 2003 upon close it will usually crash saying that it wants to recover the document, it starts to close and crashes again.  This is described perfectly in KB917688 the article goes on to say that MSO.dll is bad or corrupt.  Microsoft provides a patch for this, which you unzip. I placed mine in the root drive and executed from there, I pointed all the default destinations to the C root drive as well.  This patch went through to what looks like a reinstall, I did it a second time and ran the repair utility from the patch.  The program still crashes.

I've done the obvious, uninstall, reinstall and load all the latest service packs, cleared cache and defragged as well.    
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What is the exact error?
What service pack of Office is your user on? It says its solved in Office Service Pack 3, maybe installing that would solveit.

The KB article also says Office has to be at SP2 to work.
Try this:

If you have installed all the updates, there is still an outstanding bug in
Word 2003 that affects a few users. The solution is to go to Display
Properties, Settings tab, Advanced, Troubleshooting tab and turn down the
graphics accelerator to three from the left. This should resolve the problem
until the bug is patched (probably at the first ServicePack).


It's from an old posting, but you should be running fine if you've installed the latest SP and that hotfix.


This version of Office/Word is 11.6568.8020  SP2 is installed and this sits on a XP Pro machine with SP2 installed as well. All the other updates for XP are in.   If you look at the error code in the application event log it will say something to the effect that Winword.exe encountered a problem  .....Stamp 42e178a5 fault address 0x0007253e  if you google those errors codes it will refer you to Knowledge base article KB 917688 which talks about a mso.dll error and offers a  patch.  The patch doesn't seem to be working.
You're using Office SP2, but Office 2003 has SP3 out.

The issue is corrected in Office 2003 SP3, not SP2.

Install SP3:



Service PAck 3 is installed now - no luck
My best guess would be to uninstall office, and then reinstall it but do not apply the hotfix before installing SP3. Do a complete uninstall, not just a repair.

Also, if you have any other versions of office installed, fully uninstall them before trying to reinstall.
After installing SP3, deinstalling office, then reinstalling, the SP2, SP3, the hotfix, and allso all the SP's for Windows.  I did all of this in about 5 different combinations.    Also, I deleted all the mso.dll's and re-cached the machine as well.  I copied the mso.dll's form a good machine into all the locations on the old machine.  I tried a "repair" to all of  office and MS-word by itself.  .  The change to the video resolution is worthless.   If you logged into the machine as another person, ms-word had no problems.  No matter if you deinstalled or re-installed it only happend on this one profile.  

Here's the fix.  Delete the temp files in explorer, then copy the user profile.  Delete the user from the machine, Reboot, Make another account with the same same - reauthenticate the user on the domain.  Copy the profile onto the new account.  I also copied the nk2 file for outlook and the archive.pst for the user.  Everything worked great.      
The accepted solution is too extreme. Delete the user account, for a Word issue? You do that in my shop and you're fired!
He's not deleting the user, he's deleted the local data. If there's Home folder redirection, that means that the first log on will take longer.

If there's no folder redirection, it's still trivial. Moving the actual needed user profile data to a separate folder, then signing back in as the user and importing needed data is not a complicated or dangerous proposition.

What on earth is bad policy about that?