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Joomla 1.0 - How do I display the  latest articles from each section?

Hi all - I hope this is a simple fix and I'm just missing something:

We have a site that requires login (standard Joomla registration). We'd like to show users who haven't logged in a welcome message on the frontpage, and after login show them a grid of the latest articles in each section.

For instance:

- first visit to site, see login form in left column, mainbody says 'welcome, please login'
- user registers/logs in and they see this in the mainbody on the frontpage:
|  Latest Articles From Section 1  |  Latest Articles From Section 2  |
|  Latest Articles From Section 3  |  Latest Articles From Section 4  |
|  Latest Articles From Section 5  |  Latest Articles From Section 6  |

Where each grid is a bulleted list of say the last 5 articles posted to that section.

Is that possible with the core functionality? Do I need an extension? Can I use the Latest News module, and if so how do I duplicate it 5 additional times?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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Pretty easy solution.

 - You can use the latest news module, but for formatting reasons I chose the Latest Content module
 - Install the module
 - Check the box next to the module and click copy as many times as necessary
 - Re-name each module to something that makes sense to you
 - Assign each module instance/copy to a particular section
 - I then installed a mambot called MosModule which lets you publish any module in page content by simply inserting a text string (like {mosmodule module=Latest Content 1})
 - Next I created a regular HTML page with 6 divs arranged in a grid - tables would work well here if you're still in the 90's.
- In each div I added the mosmodule code and presto, working like a charm

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