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can not map a drive in win 2000 server with a client PC using xp pro sp2

256stevb asked
Ok guys this one really has me scratching my head.I am dealing with a customers small business network. it has four pc's two printers and a small business server 2000. one of these pc's is the new one i am setting up to function like all the rest on his network it is loaded with win xp pro sp2. all other pc's are loaded with win 2000. the problem is i can not map the shared D: in server to load at boot up. nor can i map the D: in server at all. i can use the windows run command and type in \\198.***.*.* (server ip) and connect to the server and access the drive that i can not map. when i am at the server and i view the system properties of the server it shows to be in the same workgroup. i have disabled the nortons firewall and disabled the windows firewall. when i try to map a network drive from the xp box i use the same path as the already established y2k pc's show but i get the error path can not be found. the shared D: has permissions set to full and everyone. Please Please help.
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Dave StringfellowIT manager

can you do net use "t: \\198.***.*.*" ? what error do you get?


Hi Dave,
Sorry for the delay in responding. i had to go out of town for a couple of days. I was able to map this network drive dye using the syntax \\ ***.***.*.*/D: and then reconnect at start up each time. I have never had to map a drive this way. Does this symptom point toward any specific problem?
IT manager
Hi, sorry, i was out of town myself.

Im not 100% sure, but i think it maybe a DNS issue, do you have DNS running on your server, and the clients pointing to your SBS server?

then can you connect using the FQDN?

If so, i think it maybe a authentication issue, make sure the PCs are on the domain (you said work group so i just want to make sure) if all that is done, and not working, write back.

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