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Outlook 2007 Cannot Send Email

jcbodyworks asked
Hello, I am trying to send out emails from outlook 2007, but i get an error that says that the connection to the smtp server timed out. My POP3 and SMTP are the ip address of the server. I know the configuration is correct because it is the same configuration I use successfully on other computers. No SSL or SPA is required. My POP3 connects through port 110 and my SMTP through port 25.

I have a cable modem, which then connects to a wireless linksys router. The cable modem is a motorola one. I have tried port forwarding like this:

Outlook start: 25 end: 25 protocol: both ip address: enable
Outlook2 start: 110 end:110 protocol: both ip address: enable

I did an ipconfig, and that ip address above is the ip of this computer over the network. this is very frustrating, please help!
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usually you have to turn on smtp auth. you can do this thru the account settings for that particular email address.

tools > email accounts > change or view existing > [highlight account] click change to the left > more settings > outgoing server > check option for my outgoing server requires auth
TG TranIT guy

Open a command line (Start - Run - cmd) and type in this command:
telnet <smtp server IP address> 25

What do you get?  If some sort of banner appears, you can connect to to smtp server.  If not, it is possible that your ISP blocking port 25 or your port forwarding setting is incorrect
Top Expert 2008

Hello jcbodyworks,

1. Register an important send/receive library file.  Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 inetcomm.dll

2. Check if antivirus email check is slowing sending and receiving.  Disable it. Check if other programs running in the background is interfering. Disable one at a time the Firewall, antispyware, antispam, and all Norton programs.

3. In the account settings, Advanced settings, change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min

4. Check if outgoing mail server authentication is required. Select that option in account settings and use same settings as incoming server

5. Your ISP may be blocking port 25. Try using alternate port 587.

If no joy, you need to use your ISP SMTP server to send out emails.

6. Create a new Outlook profile.

7.  Check with email provider Tech Support to determine if server is having trouble.

Hope this helps!
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software Engineering

Can you identify when the issue began and what was changed when the issue began, such as anti-virus update, installed new program, updated windows, etc?

Temporarily disable the anti-virus/firewall  program from checking the Internet and Email.

Click Start >Run. Type cmd  and then click Ok.

Then type as

Telnet <incoming-mail-server-name> 110

Can you see any messages to identify that the connection is successful

Again type as
Telnet <outgoing-mail-server-name> 25

and ensure that whether you are able to connect.

Now Disconnect from the network and Go to your Outbox folder. Press Ctrl +A and press Delete.
Again Re-connect to the network and try to send your emails again. Is is success in sending the mail?

If not now try creating a new PST file (New Outlook profile)
A new profile is a new environment for us to use Outlook. To create a new
profile is only for a test to see if the problem is related to the corrupt
profile of Outlook. Creating new profile will not do any damage to the old

Quit Outlook. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Mail, click Show Profiles­
Select the "Prompt for a profile to be used" check box. Click Add¡­
Type the profile name as "new outlook profile", click Ok.
Select Add a new e-mail account, click Next. Follow the wizard to
configure your account in the new profile
After you restart Outlook, are you able to send/receive emails in the
new profile?

Also Please find whether the below given link helps


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