Outlook 2007 - How to Receive with TWO accounts but send from only ONE account.

I have two outlook 2007 accounts setup.

Both send and receive without any problems.

I have disabled one account from sending in the send/receive group but when I reply, it STILL tries to send from that account.

How, do I make outlook 2007 send EXCLUSIVELY from one account in ALL folders/inboxes?

Thanks in advance.

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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Dejavous,

In the account settings of the account that you do not want to send, check the outgoing server to the first account settings.  Then when you send from bother accounts, it will be using the one server.

Hope this helps!
afte ryou have your two accounts added in outlook, choose one account from the account screen and make it your default . now when you recieve mail your should be able to reply using only your default account unless you choose otherwise
DejavousAuthor Commented:
I tried both those solutions already however,

Lets say:
Account A = the one i want to use for both send and receive
Account B = I want to JUST receive

If an email comes into the account B inbox and I hit reply, it still DEFAULTS to sending from account B. I need it to send from account A.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

Did you see the suggestion that I posted?  Set account B with account A's outgoing server.
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