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API to verify family friendliness

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-08

Users may submit links to my website.  I want all links to be family friendly.  You should be comfortable viewing all websites with your mother and your daughter.

There are too many links for me to manually check.

Is there a free API that I could use to find out if a site is likely NOT family-friendly?  Google and Yahoo let you search for family safe only, do they or anyone else make this available through an API?
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If you are a developer capable of easily implementing api's, then you can use this:

Google Safe Browsing API


Thanks, I am looking for something like that to check against a list of adult oriented pages.  Sadly the API you suggested ONLY checks against PHISHING and MALWARE pages.

From the website:

"The Safe Browsing API is an experimental API that enables client applications to check URLs against Google's constantly updated blacklists of suspected PHISHING and MALWARE pages. Your client application can use the API to download an encrypted table for local, client-side lookups of URLs that you would like to check. "

Is there a similar service available for adult-oriented websites?
I could not find anything specifically for adult oriented pages.
If I were my task, I would examine parental control software and find a way to hook into the same api as the client software would by examining how the client software communicates, then just replicate the same procedure using php.
You may need to get permission to do this, but I think it is possible.
Can you just do a http post to google with the  SafeSearch filtering turned on and get the results from there? - It does images and text

Google.com -> advanced serach - SafeSearch Filter

Please note I'm not 100% sure if google like this kind of thing.

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