Oracle Licensing

I see that Oracle has 2 licensing types
a) Named User Plus
b) CPU based
We are leaning towards purchasing Oracle Standard Edition One Edition.
But, I am trying to understand, what is Named user plus? We currently use only one user to authenticate any login info from the website and we also use the same userid for fetching the data/inserting/updating the data from/to the database. If this is the case, can I go with Named user plus? rather than CPU based, which is unlimited users. Does Named user Plus allow multiple concurrent sessions using the same userid? Also, Does Named user plus, include system userids (system/background processes) etc or they excluded?

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thank You
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check the following link, it'll answer most of your queries

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# Named User Plus: is defined as an individual authorized by you to use the programs which are installed on a single server or multiple servers, regardless of whether the individual is actively using the programs at any given time. A non human operated device will be counted as a named user plus in addition to all individuals authorized to use the programs, if such devices can access the programs. If multiplexing hardware or software (e.g., a TP monitor or a web server product) is used, this number must be measured at the multiplexing front end. Automated batching of data from computer to computer is permitted. You are responsible for ensuring that the named user plus per processor minimums are maintained for the programs contained in the user minimum table in the licensing rules section; the minimums table provides for the minimum number of named users plus required and all actual users must be licensed.

# Processor: shall be defined as all processors where the Oracle programs are installed and/or running. Programs licensed on a processor basis may be accessed by your internal users (including agents and contractors) and by your third party users. For the purpose of counting the number of processors which require licensing for a Sun UltraSPARC T1 processor with 4, 6 or 8 cores at 1.0 gigahertz or 8 cores at 1.2 gigahertz for only those servers specified on the Sun Server Table which can be accessed at , n cores shall be determined by multiplying the total number of cores by a factor of .25. For the purposes of counting the number of processors which require licensing for AMD and Intel multicore chips, n cores shall be determined by multiplying the total number of cores by a factor of .50. For the purposes of counting the number of processors which require licensing for all hardware platforms not otherwise specified in this section, a multicore chip with "n" cores shall be determined by multiplying "n" cores by a factor of .75. All cores on all multicore chips for each licensed program for each factor listed below are to be aggregated before multiplying by the appropriate factor and all fractions of a number are to be rounded up to the next whole number. When licensing Oracle programs with Standard Edition One or Standard Edition in the product name, a processor is counted equivalent to a socket.

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