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Is there anything special about creating an Image of an RAID 1 array?

I am in need of imaging a RAID 1 array. I am wondering if this is going to give me any issues or maybe some tips on how to do it correctly. I am nervous about it working properly because of the additional SATA RAID drivers needed to install windows and that the Acronis software see's both hard drives when you boot into their software. I am assuming the RAID drivers will not be a problem because the image will include those drivers, so windows will have the needed RAID drivers to see the array. Is this correct? When I create the backup image, which hard drive do I image? Does it matter seeing that they are mirrored drives? When restoring, Can i just restore to one of the two in the array and the array will automatically rebuild instelf and mirror the image over to the other HD? This makes sense that it would work just fine ..... but I wanted to ask the experts to try and prevent disaster.

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If Acronis is "seeing" the drives independently, then it will not image the array correctly.

Your imaging software needs to "see" the "drive" that the RAID array created ... and then image that.

Although their documentation says True Image v9.1 should work with all RAID arrays that Windows has drivers for, you are apparently not "seeing" the array correctly.  I'm not a fan of "live imaging" (imaging from within the operating system) => but this may be what you need to do here.   Have you tried running Acronis from within Windows instead of booting to the CD??


No i have not - I cannot find out today if this works, but I will try it tommarow.

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