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I have a print spooler question; if anyone could help I really would appreciate it.

Im experiencing spooler issues with a printer. The print spooler would disable its self randomly after being reinstalled.

First step, I would take to troubleshoot the issue is
Right click Start
Explore / Windows / System32 / Spool and delete all files in the Drivers& Printers folders.

Second step,
Boot PC into Safe Mode
Start / Run / Regedit
Open-Hkey_Local_Machine folder
System / CurrentControlSet / Control / Print and Open Environment & Monitors  

I would delete all files not folders in Windows NTx86/ Drivers & everything except the five standard files inside the Monitor folder.  

After reinstalling spooler Im able to print for a few days until spooler disables its self again.  

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Why is it the problem would not stay fixed.
I think it may come from the printer driver. When was last time you updated it?

As it is, I would consider that you better desinstall all your printer drivers and erase your printer. Do a reboot and re-install it + make sure to update the printer driver. The spooler issues won't appear again.

Hope that helps
wyliecoyoteukIT director
First thing to do, go to printer driver, advanced tab, and select "start printing after last page has spooled".
As the 1018 is a GDI printer, any other setting will cause problems.

glad to be of assistance!
thanks for the points!

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