Mysql - cannot kill "check table" and has locked all actions on that table

Mysql - Urgent - Running "check table" on very very large table and now realised this is not best time to run it - it has locked all queries on that table.

I have treid to kill the "CHECK TABLE" but is won't stop the process.

I need help to gracefully stop that process and unlock the table so queries can continue on that table.

Mysql version 4.0.24

Many thanks.
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mattaobConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Bad news from mysql website

Some threads might refuse to be killed. For example, REPAIR TABLE, CHECK TABLE, and OPTIMIZE TABLE  cannot be killed before MySQL 4.1 and run to completion. This is changed: REPAIR TABLE and OPTIMIZE TABLE can be killed as of MySQL 4.1.0, as can CHECK TABLE as of MySQL 4.1.3. However, killing a REPAIR TABLE or OPTIMIZE TABLE  operation on a MyISAM table results in a table that is corrupted and is unusable (reads and writes to it fail) until you optimize or repair it again (without interruption).
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