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Access Denied when attempting to run Recipent Update Service

japato asked
W2K3 SP2 server. Exchange 2003 Sp2. I am logged in with the admin account. When I try to update the Recipent Update Service I get the following error:

Access Denied
Facility: LDAP Provider
ID Number: 80070005
Exchange System Manager

I can't update or rebuild.
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BTW, what admin account are you logged in with?  I think you need to be a domain admin to run the RUS...


It is an account with Domain Admin rights.

What topology are you running?  Are you running ESM from an back-end exchange server?


Single Exchange box for my domain. There are total of 5 domains in the forest. All domains have their own exchange servers.

Is that what your talking about?

Yes, that answers my question about topology.  

Are you using esm from the server or a workstation? If the answer is workstation, try logging into the exchange server and running it.

Is the Domain Controller that you have running the RUS in question local and a GC? (not sure if it needs to be a GC but I am sure it would help).

Is your original error taken from the application event log?  if not, can you locate the errors in that log and any errors in the same time frame?


I am running ESM from the server. The server is a member of the domain. The domain controllers are on the same subnet as the exchange server.

The account I use is an account "exchadm" that is part of the domain admins group.

The error I described is displayed in a pop up. I don't see anything in the System, Security of application logs that reference these pop ups either.
Do you have a seperate RUS per domain?  Which RUS are you trying to update?  Is that RUS set (in the properties) to point to a GC?


Each domain has a seperate RUS. Each domain has a seperate Administrator. I am trying to update my RUS. the RUS points to my domain controller (DC03)

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