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Reset Button

adminpps asked
I currently know how to reset the device and have no idea where the Rest button is located. I only see directional buttons for the box. Can someone please tell me where  button is or if the directional buttons is reset???
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Can you give us more details about the device? Is it a computer or what is it exactly? Knowing more, we can help you better



Okay as mentioned with the Question.
This is a FireBox which is made by WatchGaurd.
The model is X500 core
I am able to only see 4 buttons in the front of the unit (directional Buttons). I already know that the Website for FireBox states that there is a reset button. I am just not able to locate it. It would be helpful is Someone that has Reseted the device and knows the exact location or procedure to reset the device
Ok, do you see a small black bouton in the rear? some reset buttons are on the rear, not on the front.


The Vendor specifies that i tis in the front. And yes i looked all over for a button that maybe a rest button. like I mentioned there is only 4 buttons on the whole unit. UNless there is one thats hidden.

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