How do I Change Public network sharing to home sharing in Vista

I have a home network setup with 2 PCs and a laptop, 1 PC (running XP Along with Laptop) The WINXP machines are running rine no connection problems. The Machine running on Vista Will not connect properly or not at all. I have tried running diaognostic program no good. Looking through the help files in Vista tells me that the problem is that I am trying to connect to a home network using Public network settings so the machines can't see each other. I don't know how to change the settings.
The Modem Router Is A BT HomeHub 1.5 with latest drivers.
PC has a Netgear USB adapter again latest drivers.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
This may be a silly questions, but are all PCs on the same WORKGROUP? If so, is NEtbios enabled on all adapters for network discovery? Are you using any other Firewalls besides the Windows firewall in XP SP2, or >? Try those things first and let me know.
HaroldineAuthor Commented:
Thanks For dropping in
All computers are on the same network name.
DHCP enabled everything tcp/ip
in network & sharing centre screen, it is telling me that it was connected to public network in stead of home network. how do change it back to home network?
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
You should be able to option that in the IExplorer>Properties> Uner the "Connection" tab.
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Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Or by using the "network setup wizard".
HaroldineAuthor Commented:
hi again
if i can get pc connected it will only run till a neighbour switches his pc on then mine goes down.
i can tell he's on channel 3 & i'm on 7, also one other network near by
Robert Sutton JrSenior Network ManagerCommented:
Are you using wireless to access this network? If so, I would say you are authenticating to the wrong WAP(Wireless Access Point)... Are you using authentication because you have a few others in your area that also have it? I would suggest setting yourself up for WEP or WPA keys. Then hard code those keys in your wireless NIC card.

If not, and its just multiple users on the same net ensure that NETBIOS is set in your NIC settings.
Right-Click> my Network places>Properties>left-Click
1)Ensure you see it in the center of that dialog box.
2) Make sure file and print sharing is set
3) And also ensure those settings reflect the same in your Windows Firewall setting under the "Exceptions" tab. Those statements there OVERride the NIC settings for trusted net access.
To change from a Public network to Private, you go to the Network and Sharing Center, (do that quickly by right clicking the double monitor symbol in the Notification area of the Taskbar and choosing Network and Sharing Center from the context menu options), click on the Customize link on the righthand side of the window, then put a dot in front Private, thus removing it from Public.

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HaroldineAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help much appr.
Just 1 thing of note I found that to use the custize option in sharing centre you must have a connection to at least local net. if not partial connection customize option not avail, this is why I coundn't find out how to change public to home it doesn't state in help section about need for connection. It would have been helpful,
All in adays learning eh?
Thanks Again
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