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Companyweb won't open

Whenever I open http://companyweb/  it won't load. I recieve an HTTP 404 error, if I use the IP address it works. How do I fix this?

Small Business Server 2003 SP 2
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what happens if you do this command on that station
nslookup companyweb

do not use http
ex if you go to http://www.yahoo.com/index.html
the command would be
nslookup www.yahoo.com

is ip you getting is what you using to get to that site or
do you get timeout no dns resolution.
Dave StringfellowIT manager

the DNS entry is wrong in DNS, just go update it with the correct IP, and check the IIS site, making sure it has the right header to accept companyweb

you can run the ICW which sometimes helps too


Additional notes:

Tested DNS, it resolves correctly.  It happen at the server and client computers. I am guessing it has to do with IIS.  Also it worked when I initially installed the server about 2 months ago.

Was this ever resolved,  Mine just went down with the same issue.


Never Resolved.  I think it may relate to an update.
IT manager
DNS will resolve to that IP, as in the DNS it will resolve to the IP address. But you need to make sure the header is set to companyweb in IIS http://www.visualwin.com/host-header/

I got lucky, Re-registered asp and restarted the server and it came back up.

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