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Cannot login to BackupExec Media Server because AD Domain Not Available

We have a single server Active Directory environment that is the only DC, is the file/print server, and is the BackupExec Media Server. This server has 2 hard drives, C & D. The NTDS folder structure for the domain is on drive D. Drive D physically failed. The new drive has arrived, is installed, and is formatted and presented as drive D. The server is running in Directory Services Restore Mode. I am trying to go into BackupExec in order to restore all of the D drive, but it is asking me to login. The login relies on AD and AD is not available. How do I get into BackupExec in order to restore the D drive?
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This is not my area of expertise but are you able to use the local administrator account?

i.e.  SERVERNAME\Administrator
I found my answer. It is Veritas Document ID: 236661 http://support.veritas.com/docs/236661.

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