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Outlook is randomly asking for passwords

Microsoft outlook 2007 is randomly asking for passwords.  

Outlook works fine for periods of time then starts to ask for the users password about every minute.  After a random period of time (somewhere around an hour) it stops.  Any ideas?
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Generally it is related with acount timeout on the mail server. For instance: Yahoo cannot have 2 open sessions at a time, s when outlook try to get e-mail and retries while the acount is still open, it wil keep asking for user/passw untill the previous sesion times out.
This is a very common issue when people share the same account or when the getmail inteval is very short
I've seen this before, but usually not every minute.  If you're using an exchange server, when Outlook asks for credentials....the NT account is locked out.


We are working with a POP/SMTP server, no Exchange.  ISP implies that happens with any secure SMTP connection in 2007,  is this a new feature from Microsoft?

Has anyone else seen 07 act this way?

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