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XP Mapped drive priority / precedence - logon script or "reconnect at logon"

snowdog_2112 asked
I should know this...but I don't.  Or forgot...

XP Pro Client
Drive F: mapped to "\\server\share_A" via browse-->right click-->Map network drive-->reconnect at logon

Server (2003 with AD)
User profile logon.bat in \\server\netlogon maps F: to \\server\share_B
GPO user-->logon script in \\domain\sysvol\policies\{some id} maps F: to \\server\share_C

Assume no "net use F: /delete" in logon scripts.

Question:  After logon, where will F: point?

In other words, which drive mapping has highest priority, or executes last?

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In y our batch file which ever one is listed first executes first.  The execution runs down the list


Thanks for the quick response.

However, I was asking which method, not which line in the batch file.  Assuming I am only mapping drive F:, will the XP "map network drive" take priority over an AD logon script or GPO user logon script?

Example (order of execution):
1. XP mapped drive
2. Netlogon batch file
3. GPO batch file or vbs
Result: F: --> \\server\share_C

1. netlogon batch file
2. GPO
3. XP mapped drive
Result: F: --> \\server\share_A


Group policy should over write what the user has done.

So in your case if you have a GP that says for all users map drive F to \\server\share1
and the user on his desktop said map drive F to \\server\share2 the group policy should win.
Make sure to run a gpudate /force and see


Is that a "should overwrite" or "will overwrite"?

For 500 points, I'd like to be sure.  Yes, I could test it, but I don't have the time at the moment to set up various test scenarios.  Thanks.
I tested this scenario.

I have mapped drives via a logon batch file and in active directory users and cmputers this batch file is set in the users profile tab.
So lets say X drive is mapped to \\server\share1 via this batch file

I disconnected the drive after log in remapped X drive to \\server\share2

Logged off and then back on.  X drive remaps back to the script default \\server\share1
Setting up a login script via group policy vs. the users mapped drive will yield the same result.  The share will remap to the group policy script.

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