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Domain Controller placement after moving servers from main site to data center hosting facility

joshsfinn asked
We are in the process of planning a move of all of our servers from our in house server room to a Co-Lo data center hosting facility.

Right now, in our main site, we have two 2003 Domain Controllers and they are moving to the hosting facility.

Our main site will be connected to the Hosting Facility by very fast and redundant dark fiber and is supposed to act like a very long Ethernet cable. Our network IP addresses will not change.

There was talk about adding two new DCs in the main site to keep all of the authentication traffic local, but I don't think we'll be able to control that because the network IPs won't change, so I really don't have another Site to put DCs in.

Is there a point to having two domain controllers at the hosting facility and another two domain controllers at the main site?

Thanks for your input and thoughts.
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Or at least one DC on your main site.

There is a reason for this, if your connection between the Co-Located Site and your main site is servered, your clients will not be able to authenticate to the domain.  Not to mention access they will loose to other services, DNS, DHCP, WINs (if installed), Files, Printers, Shares, Time Services, etc. etc.

TG TranIT guy
Of course you have DC local to take care of logins and you can do this by tweaking DNS SRV records to point local DC for authentication.  However, you then have to deal with DC replication traffics...

So, if you do have fast fiber connection to the data center, I would suggest leaving DC there and not adding DC locally just yet..  If things become clogged up, you can always add local DC later...

I forgot to mention, your clients can still login to their machines using cached domain credentials.



Thanks for your information.

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