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black and white image - restore color

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Last Modified: 2011-09-20
Hello all.

A friend of mine wants me to try and fix a photo for her. She tells me that when she vies the thumbnail the thumbnail (in windows folder) is in color but when she opens it the photo is black and white. I asked her to send it to me and sure enough it does the same for me. Thephoto in thumbnail view is in color but when Iopen it in Windpws Picture Viewer or any other program it is in black and white.

Is there a way to restore color to the photo?
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Hi, gosh this is a bit hard,
Ask her did you use anything like photoshop or some other image tool to alter the original?

sounds like the image is not the true original. Did she rotate the view or something? If she used a photo software to enhance or alter the original she may have swapped the images, the preview from the original?
She should still have the original
Was this image taken off a web page it may still hold the html aspects of it.
I did find this from breeze browser
JPEG images from digital cameras often contain small thumbnail images in their EXIF data and BreezeBrowser will use these when available. Some applications do not update the EXIF thumbnail when modifying the image and this can result in the thumbnail and main displays in BreezeBrowser becoming out of sync. Use the "Regenerate JPEG Thumbnails" option under the "Tools" menu to regenerate the thumbnails be replacing the old thumbnail with a new one derived from the main image.
NOTE: This option will add a thumbnail to a JPEG image if it doesn't already contain one provided the JPEG contains EXIF shooting data.

I sincerely doubt it. What probably happened was that the original image was in color, and thats where the preview came from. However, somewhere along the line the image was changed to grayscale (B&W) and the preview was not updated. Unfortunately, that means that color is gone.


I guess we're out of luck then. The image was converted from black and white and she sent me that original and only copy. I'm accepting both solutions. Thank you guys.

Thank you nurv-x  all the best

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