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MS SQL 2005 insert collation KOI8 does not show characters

Hi Experts,

I am trying to insert from text file russian / cyrillic collation into database.
I would do the following :

1] while I am reading convert KOI8 collation into cyrillic that is recognized by windows
   example : this one is ok KC0K?20@05>50>@502? and .NET VS is saying its unicode
                  this one is not which is KOI8 cyrillic : ðÒÅÚÉÄÅÎÔ. äÏÒÏÇÏÊ ÍÉÎÉÓÔÒ, ÔÁ ×ÅÌÉËÁÑ ÍÉÓÓÉÑ, ËÏÔÏÒÁÑ

2]  my DB MS SQL 2005 has correct setting according to Microsoft : Cyrillic_General_CI_AS
3] my insert is using N'mytext' to enforce Unicode I assume
4] Is there way to convert it on the fly or any other way to see this KOI8 in windows application not
   web where you can specify globalization etc ?

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also I have found something similar discussed at : http://forums.microsoft.com/TechNet/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=2324456&SiteID=17


From my understanding it has to be some kind encoding / decoding class to convert it. Any ideas ? Samples for this specific case.

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