PHP // Standard Database Connectivity Templates

Hi all,
we are looking for a way to standardize database access by means of function calls or so...
1. PHP connects to standard database e.g. MaxDB
2. PHP reads/writes (SELECT, UPDATE...) via standard templates from/to database
Is there any standard framework one could use for this kind of task??
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you could always implement your own class to standardize your db connection and manipulation, there are a vide varity of classes ready to use or simply create your own. see for a handful of classes

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I wrote my own class:

pseudo code below
  class db {
    function db() {
       connect to database here
    function getone($sql) {
       code to get one value from a single row
    function getrow($sql) {
       code to get a single row
    function getall($sql) {
       code to get all values from a query
    etc etc etc

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Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
I  too recommend to write your own standard classes by applying all the functions .., it is good always how to use & where to use...

but you can still look for those db files / package /library /template from the standard open source projects like cms solutions or any other professional tools... they have standard template for db operations..,

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