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Keyboard shortcuts disabled in Fireworks CS3

John Carney
John Carney asked
Well, I don't know how I did this, but somehow I managed to disable all the keyboard shortcuts in Fireworks CS3.  Copy, Paste, Delete, Preview in Browser, move with arrows, etc.

I must have clicked on something to cause this, but I can't figure out what. How do I reactivate the shortcuts?


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See if you might have changed your shortcut set:  default is "Web Standard"

To change the current shortcut set:
1. Select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows) or Fireworks > Keyboard Shortcuts (Macintosh) to open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

2. Select the shortcut set you prefer from the Current Set pop-up menu and click OK.

John CarneyReliability Business Tools Analyst II


Thanks!!!  You just saved me a lot of time and aggravation. Thanks.


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