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Problem with ST6UNST

Has anyone tried to run the ST6UNST.exe file with their logs...kinda like


c:\windows\st6unst.exe -n "c:\program files\(program)\st6unst.log -f -q


I am having troubles with my pc's actually running this file like that from SCCM. It seems the files starts on the client but never does anything.


Any Ideas?
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Are you trying to uninstall this?
St6unst -n "C:\Program Files\MyApp\St6unst.log" -f -q , for example is the uninstall command...


Yes...exactly like that. I am entering that into the command line in SCCM and its starts on the client but doesnt actually do anything just hangs there waiting for input or something. I can't tell because it is hidden.
Can you run it without the -q option?
Then you might be able to see what it is doing...


I tried changing the program and recreated the SCCM advertisement with
St6unst -n "C:\Program Files\MyApp\St6unst.log" -f
as you had suggested but that just gave me errors and would not even start on the client. I did read some place that the -f -q was required when running it on SMS/SCCM. But like I said when I run it the st6unst process starts but just sits there doing nothing. I did get some feedback from TechNet that said to check a file called execmgr.log to see if it give me any further information.

I'm having this exact problem too, anyone find a solution to this yet?  My command line is (in vbs)
objshell.run("C:\WINDOWS\st6unst.exe -n C:\MyApp\ST6UNST.000 -f -q"), 2, True

The ST6UNST.exe seems to start the process in Task Manager but fails to complete successfully yet if i run it manually on the machine, it runs successfully.  Is there an issue running this using SMS?
I was never able to get this working. I just built a script to delete the registry entries and files with out using it.