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Time Randomly changes in XP

prlit asked
We have a DELL precision M65. Fairly new laptop. The XP system time randomly changes.

Scanned for spyware, ran hijack this. Laptop is clean. No events in the system viewer. time always reverts backwards, never forwards. time zone is correct. Tried changing NTP servers (internet time) but those do not update frequently.

Any ideas?
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Configure your computer as here (using external time source):

Best idea - replace the cmos battery - obviously it is faulty - if you are losing time as frequently as this.
Maybe your laptop battery is not new.

To check, note the current time shown in the windows and then shutdown the laptop.
After about 5 - 10 minutes start the laptop, but this time don't start windows, straightaway go to BIOS and check the date and time, if its not correct then battery is the problem...else some software is doing it.
by "laptop battery" I meant CMOS battery :)
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software Engineering

May be the issue is because of your cmos battery running out, try changing the cmos battery or try updating your BIOS


Worked like a charm

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