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Outlook 2007 not using default account for reply or forwarding

debbiez asked
Alright, so I've set up Outlook 2007 at a clients site.  They use exchange in conjunction with external pop accounts.  We'll call the exchange domain and the external domain are the same (ie, test.local & test.com).  There are a total of 30 users internal and all external POP accounts coming into 1 person who disperses them to the corresponding exchange mailboxes.   So now we have Outlook 2007 on the machines and when the mail admin gets the external mail for fellow employees and wants to forward it it automatically wants to use the external mail account which would be fine but of course the emails just going to come right back to him/her.  The exchange account is set to the default account but of course outlook wants to use the account that the mail comes in on.  We didn't have this issue with Outlook 2000.  Is there anyway in Outlook 2007 to have it ALWAYS use the exchange account no matter what (new mail, receive, forwarding, etc).
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I actually solved this issue myself by just using a POP3 connector for exchange.

Thats great! We were late to assist......

PAQ'd and 260 points refunded

Thanks for sharing the solution

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