Want ColdFusion to receive emails and automatically add to SQL table

I have a concept in my head and wonder if someone can tell me if this is feasible.
Environment:  We use Microsoft Exchange for corporate email.  We have a customized CRM system that I wrote in CF that users can also send emails from.  When sending via CRM, the email gets stored in that Customers Note table (SQL server).
Problem:  Users do not want to use the CRM system to send their emails.  They want to use Exchange, but want it stored in the CRM system.
My Idea:  Create a CRM Contact List in Exchange comprised of each of our Customers.  If the user is sending an email related to that customer to anyone, they could also select the Customer from the CRM Contact List.   By doing so, this would automatically add this email into my SQL table storing the CRM Emails.
Solution:  Is there some way I could create some sort of CF handler to receive the emails that have been tagged as CRM emails?  To have it listening for new emails and then when one arrives, it adds a copy of that email to the SQL table.
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I don't use exchange so take this fwiw...

firstly, this would be a whole lot easier if you upgrade to CF8...it has built in Exchange connectivity and would probably make this fairly trivial... http://livedocs.adobe.com/coldfusion/8/htmldocs/help.html?content=cfexchange_2.html

for this to work at all with previous versions you'd need to set up Exchange to deal with POP3...
you could probably get cfPOP to getHeaderOnly and store that info into the db, however you'd have to set up a cfpop connection for each email address that could be receiving the crm related emails (there's no global way of reading multiple inboxes via POP3)

Probably not practical without CF8

sulzenerAuthor Commented:
Sidfishes, I am willing and ready for CF8.  I just needed an excuse.  This may be it.  I still cannot conceptualize what you suggested.  Not even sure I know if what I am asking is feasisble.  I would like to make it so simple for are user community to send emails and be able to save it in the CRM notes/email area.  My thought is to have a special email for each customer and when they send the email to that account, it gets scooped off and stored in CRM.  Can you think of a better way?  Do you still think I can accomplish this with CF8?  
Would I have a CF Scheduled Task program  and periodically check exchange inboxes for each of the customers?  Can I remove the message once I add it to CRM tables?  
Thanks for your comments.
I can't be as much help as I'd like since I don't use exchange but I think you could do what you want
It looks to me as if you would have full access to all exchange folders so would be able to search for your tagged emails. Specifically look at  Getting Exchange items and attachments in the link below

Check out the exchange integration info for CF8 here http://livedocs.adobe.com/coldfusion/8/htmldocs/help.html?content=cfexchange_2.html

I'd suggest getting the free dev edition of CF8 and start playing


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