Can I manage two different time zones in one AS400 LPAR?

I have users in two different time zones in the USA. They are going to be sharing several applications, but different databases/environments, and need the programs to use the proper time for each. Can I have the system to use the proper time zone based on the user profile?.
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MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
As far as I know, it's NOT possible to have 2 or more time zones.  The time you try to change is the job-time,that is retrieved from the system time, and that is as it sounds , "the time of the system". And I don't realy think that you like to have more then one tyme in your system, just because of tracability of updates etc. But I know there is a tool that supports this, I realy don't know if it's messing up the times in teh DB, but you can check this site.
btw, I'm working for an US company in the European office and we use the US time, even if it differs 7 hours, it's just something you got to used to.


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Murph is generally right. A "kind of" exception would be where the LPAR was created from the start with the idea that time-zones would be on a per-user basis, and then all apps were created/written for it. That's a _very_ unlikely scenario. Few apps are written to support this concept.

You'd  start with the system itself running under UTC/Coordinated Universal Time. You'd then need to have all apps work around 'locale' settings for each user and performing needed conversions between system-time and user-time for input/output.

Note that databases would need to store times/dates according to UTC and apps would do the adjustments whenever users manipulated the stored data.

That's not particularly different from how it's done at the basic level on any platform. However, platforms that do support this generally are created with it in mind from the very first settings and all the way through. Writing the apps in C and using all the UNIX-related support would be a possible method. (And client-server always has the possibility.)

Of course, you're not likely to find apps that don't have COBOL, RPG or similar programming where the programming assumes a single time zone.

It's very impractical. I say accept Murph's answer and think of it as not going to happen.

MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
Yep, Unless you having  seperate file-libraries for seperate departments it will become quite confusing
But even then: Running a sceduledjob at 23:00 is that for timezone 1 or 2 ? :)  etc etc
Forced accept.

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