HP 1020 won't print some PDF

Hp1020 won't print some PDF files, some it does. Replaced Adobe Reader with Foxit 2.x - no change. This is a known issue that HP can't or won't do anything about. I have 10 of these printers on WIN 2000 PCs and contant problems. When I click on print from inside of Foxit or Adobe, error comes up saying that spooler has an error and needs to close. The only way to get the printer back it to unplug from USB, restart PC and say no to retry to print, then plug USB printer back in. SOme PCs here have no problem and some do. Can't find a reason or a fix. Does anyone know of a fix other than replacing the printer?
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SteveDallasConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
According to HP, there is no known solution except to change the model of the printer. I had hoped that someone here might have a work around. It's a well known problem that many have fought. We changed to another printer to solve this issue.
try turning off spool print jobs, and print directly to printer.

Right click the printer and click properties. Click the advanced tab and click Print Directly to the printer
Uninstall the printers.  This link gives a good walk-through on ensuring you have removed all print drivers:

Then uninstall Adobe (and Foxit, if it's still installed).

Run Windows Updates, select Custom updates, and install all critical updates.  Continue to reboot and run updates until there are no more critical updates to install.

Download and install CCleaner (www.ccleaner.com).  Run both its cleanup function and its registry cleaner.  
Note - as a default CCleaner will run for the currently logged in user.  You can configure it to run across multiple user profiles, however when working on a pc that has multiple user profiles, I tend to download and install and run Cleanup (http://www.stevengould.org/index.php?Itemid=70&id=28&option=com_content&task=view).  You will still want to run CCleaner's registry cleaning function.  
Additional note - both of these programs (by default) will delete users' index.dat files.  If you have any need for these files, ensure you exclude them before scanning.


Reinstall the printer(s).  Print some test pages, make sure it(they) are printing properly.  Reinstall Adobe Reader.  Open Adobe Reader, check for and install any updates.  Do this until Adobe Reader says no updates available.
Then try your .pdf print again.

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SteveDallasAuthor Commented:
Drive formatted, OS Win 2000 reinstalled, completely patched and up to date. Latest drivers installed from HP. Same problem.
What errors do you get in your event logs regarding the print job?
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