ListBox scrolls to top on postback

Asp ListBox set to MultiSelect and inside an update panel.  When the postback occurs it always moves the ListBox's current position to the top.

I can't find anything in the Framework to offset this behavior.  I cannot seem to get a JavaScript event to fire after the postback (I can get one to fire before in plenty of locations).  I've tried Page.ClientScript.RegisterStartupScript() &  Page.ClientScript.RegisterOnSubmitStatement.  I've tried putting it in the onload of the page, but it doesn't fire when the form posts back.  I have tried Page.MaintainScrollPositionOnPostback and even the obsolete SmartNavigation tag.

I've google and found people with a similiar problem but none of the solutions work.  Somebody has had to have put a list box in an update panel and had this before... right? :P  I thought about using the window.onload = function() but it doesn't load whenever a postback occurs with Ajax.  
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If you are populating your ListBox in PageLoad, then check for POstBack
for ex.
     //Put your code of populating list box here

It mightbe happening if the code is outside !IsPOstBack block that it is repopulating the listbox in teh case of Postback.

Try it out
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
That was a great thought.  I am loading the list box from a database in Page_Load but the code is already in a !IsPostBack if statement.
IUFITSAuthor Commented:
I figured out a solution, this was 5 hours I'll never get back.    ;)  The below code snippet needs to go in the Page_Load but needs to run everytime, so don't nest it in a IsPostBack block.  
        ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(Page, btnAdd.GetType, "Reposition", "if (document.getElementById('lstPrograms')) { document.getElementById('lstPrograms').selectedIndex=" & lstPrograms.SelectedIndex & "; }", True)

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