A Network Shared Device

I have purchase an external drive with the options Ethernet/USB connection (Configured as Ethernet). WOuld like to connect it to my server to access the drive as a mapped drive. Are ther any options to connect to the mapped drive without being on the sever from a client?
Server: Windows 2003 server
Client Map: Windows Xp Pro
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share the drive out through the server. Then in the logon script add

net use g: \\server\shareddrive

or directly to the device

net use g: \\ip.ad.dr.ess\sharename

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did your drive come with software? if so you could run that software on the machines that you want to connect to the drive with. Otherwise just do what smckeller83 said.
dimssyAuthor Commented:
The mapping cannot be from the workstation. The mapping has to be on the server so that when you log off the mapping will still exist. It is like haveing a local drive to the server and have the ability to run services from a workstation with creating a local map. I hope i am making sense here
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Sometimes network drives come with software that you can install that will make the connection to the drive happen every time as well.
dimssyAuthor Commented:
I will validate and respond
dimssyAuthor Commented:
The Drive i am using is a Lacie Ethernet Big Disk Gigabit Ethernet & highspeed USB 2.0
I don't believe software comes with it other than the drivers
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