Can't delete .asx files in \d&s\user\local settings\temp internet files

I'm having a problem with r5gsvr32.exe taking most of computer cycles.  I delete the process and in a few minutes it is back.  One link I found said to delete all the temp internet files.  I'm trying but I have several files that start adproxy...... and end with .asx.  I can not delete these files.  When I highlight and hit del, I just get a ping.  I tried safe mode as asministrator with the same results.
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Forrest BurrisCommented:
Sounds like you have spyware/adware. Download Spybot Search & Destroy as well as Adaware Personal Free Edition. Run both scans and let them clean out your PC. Also, you can right click your C: drive under My Computer and go to properties. Then run the Disk Cleanup. See if that gets rid of the temp files you're talking about.
alanmaulAuthor Commented:
I have already run Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy.  They took out several items.  I'll try the cleanup and see if that helps.
First, download and install CCleaner ( and Cleanup (  Run Cleanup first, do not log off, run CCleaner - both its cleanup function, and its registry cleaner.

Then reboot.  Download HiJackThis.
Run HJT, then post the log file back here, we can review and help you remove problems.  Typically this is easier than starting out with AV/ad/spyware scans.  First remove the main problem, then use the scanners to do cleanup.

If you really want to go right to scanning, I'd recommend either Avast ( or AVG Free edition ( for antivirus AND SuperAntiSpyware (www.superantispyware) for ad/spware.  I used to use Spybot and Adaware, but SAS has quickly replaced both programs.  Although Spybot is still very useful for it's teatimer tools.
Almost beat your post back.  :)

I wouldn't recommend using the built in Windows Disk Cleaner.  It misses things and overall does not do a very good job.  

I use two different programs to simplify cleanup of windows systems.
CCleaner ( and Cleanup (
Cleanup is very easy to use when you have multiple user profiles on the same pc.  Its default is to clean all user profiles.  It also has quite a few options you can use to personalize the cleanup if you need.
CCleaner I tend to use for cleaning the currently logged on user.  You can use its options to add folders from other user profiles, but Cleanup does that by default, so is faster there.  CCleaner also includes a registry cleaner that does a good job of cleaning out invalid links.  It also has quite a few options for personalization.

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