What is the best way to confirm data link speed or utilization on router

We currently have a IPSEC tunnel going from our NJ office down to our GA office. From the tunnell they
utilize our corp. WAN to hit other applications and site.

We currently are using a Cable Service provider for the link.  With a 5 mb bit upload and 13 mb download speed. However I was  trying to isolate a slow response issue.  Is there anything on our network where
I could confirm how much data they are pushing through the tunnel...and or how much link speed
we are currently being provided.
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bigcurefanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, Cisco router is good.  I'd enable netflow on the router and point it to a netflow application on your lan to get an idea of what's going on with the tunnel.  Here's some free netflow tools.
I'd recommend Scrutinizer or ManageEngine

Then apply something like this to your router:
ip flow-export source <LanInterface>
ip flow-export version 5
ip flow-export destination <ip address of netflow app> 2055
ip flow-top-talkers
 top 10
 sort-by bytes
int tunnel <number>
ip route-cache flow
What is terminating the IPSEC tunnel on your side?  

You can use TTCP (wsttcp is available for windows) to essentially flood the tunnel to determine what you have for transfer speeds.  You'll want to do that when there is little to no traffic going across the WAN.
njcomp3Author Commented:
hello-im not sure what u mean by what is terminating the IPSEC tunnel on ourside-
We have a cisco router connected to the cable service provider
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