Unattended installation procedure

The quetion I have, I hope is very simple.  I have successfully installed and configured WDS along with making several installation images.  I need assitance with the process of automating the installs through the use of an answer file or whatever is used with WDS.  I have tried to find information on it but so far I have been unsuccessful.  Thanks...
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1trodAuthor Commented:
That is perfect, and thanks for the help.  One last question.  Do you happen to have a link to more information on the creation of the answer files themselves?
This link will take you to an article that talks about design and then in the tree view on the left has an article about creating them.  If you need more info, it can be found.  Just let me know.
1trodAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.
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