Screen Fuzzy

While on the floor at a school function - daughters laptop may have been bumped/hit by a bouncing ball or a person's foot.  "Nobody saw what happened".  Immediately following the event her screen became fuzzy with red horizontal lines scattered throughout.
All programs are funtioning just harder to read.
For a brief 10 minute period a few weeks ago - the screen fixed itself but when back to the fuzziness.
We have connected laptop to a regular CPU snd it works fine.
If there is a loose wire in the top of the laptop, can I fix it or where do I need to bring it.
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Forrest BurrisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You're welcome. Please officially flag this question as answered if it is to your satisfaction. Take care as well!
Forrest BurrisCommented:
Check to see if it's still under warranty or not. Your LCD has gone bad. LCD's are only to be replaced or fixed by trained professionals. It's nothing like swapping out a hard drive or replacing the RAM. You can drop off the laptop at a local technical service center, or you can call Dell directly and ask them to repair it. They will ask you a few questions to confirm it's the LCD and not the internal video. You've already confirmed to me by plugging in another monitor it looks perfect... thus the LCD is bad. If it is still under warranty, Dell will send a service rep on site to your house to replace it for free.
cblouin10Author Commented:
Thank you for answer...I am out of warranty so we will have to seek another professional to look at this in our area. Hopefully it will not cost too much.
Take care
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