Why am I getting Compiler Error Message: BC30451: Name 'DataSetProjectCode1' is not declared.?

I added a dropdown box to an existing ASP.NET 1.1 page, it is working locally but on the server I am getting

Compiler Error Message: BC30451: Name 'DataSetProjectCode1' is not declared.

I copied entire folder from server to my computer. opened it in VS2003 (everything is working ine), made changes to one page, then uploaded 5 files which ended up being changed to server. I can run the page locally (both from studio and from browser), but not on the server.

the 5 files are 3 with changed page (.aspx, .aspx.vb and .aspx.resx) and 2 with the "offending" DataSetProjectCode (.vb and .xsd)

DataSetProjectCode1 is declared in .aspx.vb as

    Protected WithEvents DataSetProjectCode1 As Templeton.DataSetProjectCode

the error message is pointing to a line in .aspx file where this dropdown is defined:

<asp:DropDownList id="ddlProjectCode" runat="server" Width="144px"
DataTextField="Project Code Number" DataSource="<%# DataSetProjectCode1 %>"
DataMember="ProjectCode" DataValueField="Project Code Number">

Any constructive ideas are appreciated.
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NaumLitvinAuthor Commented:
Needed to copy compiled binaries into /bin folder.

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