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Hi experts,
I have a question. I have the AP Netgear WG602v4 and I have recently bought the 2.4GHz 10 dBi Wireless WIFI Booster Antenna WLAN RP-SMA. I was trying to boost the signal from the AP. The seller was promising to increse the range and the strength of the signal. But when I replaced the original antenna with this "new" booster I didn't noticed any changes it the signal quality. But I would say that was even worse (not much). I use the WiFi monitor software so I can easy see the db increasing or dropping. So that is how I found out that this "booster" is not what i was expected. My question is, how I suppose to know how much is antenna increasing the signal? Is it means that if antenna is 10dbi it increase the signal strength from Ap by 10dBi? On some web page i found that 7dBi antenna can increase the AP strength to 200-300%. Is this correct? Or I've just bought shitty-useless piece? Thanx

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Forrest BurrisCommented:
Sounds like you bought a crappy antennae. Make sure it's an omni directional antennae and not a line of sight booster. Also make sure that in the Netgear wireless settings, the signal is set to Max 10 and not default 6 or whatever the default is. There should be a setting similar to that. You SHOULD definetely see an increase in consistency and db. If you don't, you may have a faulty antennae.
Try this:

The general rule here is that the booster needs dedicated power supply. Any device without power supply is a fake, it can give some improvement because of shape, but not much.

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marrosskoAuthor Commented:
So what you saying is that all "boosting" antenas even in the shops, are lie?
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Well... There is a law of conservation of energy. "Boosting" a signal is adding more energy to it. If there is no power supply, there is no energy to add. Somehow I believe in physics laws more than in marketing spells.
marrosskoAuthor Commented:
Well, maybe you right. I just finished couple of tests and the results are far-far from the "Sellers" promises. I used deferent APs and 2 deferent "boosting" antennas 5 and 10dBi and the result was even or worst than original AP antennas. So in conclusion I didn't  have any increasing of AP's signal strength. This was very disappointing and just wasting of money. I'm not saying that all antennas are s***t but this two what I had wasn't boosting at all.
Shape and/or size of another antenna can add to signal only if the original antenna is inefficient. It was the case at the early stages of technology development, but now all serious vendors have efficient antennas because antenna improvement is one of the simplest ways to increase AP coverage. As it is now, all or almost all resources in this direction are used.

So, to get visible passive "boost" an antenna from John Dow Electronics must be significantly more efficient than antenna from Netgear or Linksys. Well, it is possible, but very questionable.
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