No display,

No display but backlight OK, external monitor OK, Boots OK, WXP Pro
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Since you can boot to an external monitor your card/chipset is ok. The  LCD signal cable  would logically be the next thing to look at. Maybe it is pinched or loose or just has a wire broken. if it is not that the the lcd controller would be the next problem which might mean curtains for the board.

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display bad, cable bad or motherboard bad
Have you dropped your laptop recently? Any possibility somebody dropped it for you?

If the answer is no then chances are there is nothing wrong with your LCD cable. There is almost certainly nothing wrong with the LCD controller or the motherboard. And your LCD display is probably just fine.

What has likely happened is that the light that lights up the LCD has burned out and you need to install a new one. The good news is that these lights are very cheap and can be had for less than $20 plus shipping. And replacing the light bulb is a job you can do yourself.

To see if this is the case turn on all the lights in the room and shine a light directly on the laptop LCD display. Turn it on. Can you see anything on the LCD screen? What you should see is a very faint picture on the screen. if you do this means you have a burnt out bulb. What is the model of your laptop? We can find you a bulb, replace it and get you back on your way.
Turn off and then turn on the computer. If at the beginning of booting you see anything text or image on the laptop display at all, then it's a software issue. Otherwise it's probably a hardware issue.

Software issue:
Among your F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 ...etc keys there should be an image that resembles a monitor. Press the Fn key  along with this Monitor key. This switches between laptop display only, laptop + monitor, monitor only, etc.


Download the display driver from the laptop maker's website and reinstall it.

Hardware issue:
If the laptop is still under warranty, call them and get them to fix it. haha.
Otherwise the major suspects would be the spring that tells the computer whether the lid is closed, the cable that connects the LCD to the motherboard, the motherboard itself, or the LCD itself.
Forced accept.

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