IIS6 FTP AD Isolated users - virtual directory problem

As stated:  2003 Server (std, 32bit)
FTP site AD isolated (access user is a low-priv user)


domain\user1: (same for other users)
msIIS-ftproot:  \\server\ftp
msiis-ftpdir: \user1

I have a v-dir set up in the ftp site in IIS-mgr pointing to \public.

When user1 logs in, he sees the contents of \\server\ftp\user, but not the \public v-dir.  I can't navigate up to the \\server\ftp folder - as I would expect, so I think the perms are good.

Seems to be just an issue with the v-dir.  Is it possible to have v-dirs in AD isolation?

Is this possible?  What am I missing?
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snowdog_2112Author Commented:
Let me follow-up on this...what I'm looking for is to isolate users, but have a shared "public" folder each user can see and read/write.

Is this possible or do I have to have a different "public" user so a user needing a public file would have to log on differently than he would to get his "private" files?

snowdog_2112Author Commented:
I found it, you need to add a "placeholder" in each user's folder for any virtual directories in the FTP site.

So, I have:

      \public  (an empty folder)
      \public (another empty folder)
   \public (public contents go here)

Users see the \public from the root because the v-dir takes precedence over the physical dir.  Even if there are files in \user1\public, user1 will not see those, and will instead see the contents of the "true" public v-dir.

Hope this helps someone else.

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