How to get access to the DOM in code behind page?

Is it possible to gain access to the document object model of the browser via a code behind page ( 1.1/2003)?
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The DOM is a client side object.  You can only access server elements on the server.  Give us an idea what you are trying to do, and we may be able to suggest an approach.
bobinorlandoAuthor Commented:
To the same extent that you can read and write to the model in the client, I want to be able to do the same in the code behind. I imagine this would involve passing values back and forth between some js and the server side code. In general, what are the various approaches that are available?
It's a broad question.  There are any number of ways to send information back and forth from client to server.  Off the top of my head:

You can use placeholders to add specific HTML to a page from server side.
You can add literal javascript using RegisterClientScriptBlock:

Dim scriptLiteral As String = "... content of script here"
ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock(GetType(Default_), "InitScript", scriptLiteral)

When registering client side script, you can embed server control IDs using ClientID

You can include classic ASP style output with your HTML (although remember that it's harder to maintain this way.)

<% If IncludeStuff=True %>
Put stuff here
<% End If %>

-Postback from client side


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