Down load to Sandisc

I have XP
Just bought Sandisc 3 PK 2GB, USB flash drive
How to download pictures from Picasa to the flash drive
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MotoCrazyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you insert the flash drive, XP will pop-up saying new hardware has found. Allow it to search automatically for the drivers. Once the drivers are installed, you will be told that your new hardware is installed and ready to be used. The flash drive will be assigned a drive letter (could be G:\ or H:\ or I;\....). When you are saving a picture that you want on the flash drive, browse to the drive and save it like you normally would.

If you do not get the "New Hardware Found" message when you insert the flash drive, right-click on My Computer --> Manage --> Device Manager --> in right pane, left-click on anything in the list --> click Action menu --> Scan for hardware changes. That should initiate the looking for drivers.
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