Outlook Web Access (OWA) requires Domain\*username* to log in

I having a bit of trouble with this one.  I've seen it several times before where when logging into OWA by just using *username* instead of Domain\*username* the username/password box immediately pops back up with: mail.servername.com\username which, of course, won't let the user in.  Replacing the mail.servername.com portion with the domain lets the user in, but shouldn't be necessary.  

Now the kicker - every time I've seen this problem I followed the simple steps outlined here:

but this time - no dice.

I've searched this site and others high and low for an answer and I haven't found anything else.  Does anyone out there have any other suggestions to try?

Thanks for your time!
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smckellar83Connect With a Mentor Commented:
this is configured in IIS. you need to change the default domain for logging in. Right click and check the properties of the Exchange and Exchadmin folder in Default Website

This also has to be done on the \Public folder
oh and click start run and type iisreset then OK after doing the above
kabensonAuthor Commented:
Well - I figured it out on my own last night.  I kind of got frustrated and made some changes, restarted the www service, and then set the changes back to M$ specifications.  For whatever reason setting things back to the way they were resolved the issue.  Your setup looks like it would work also, so I will award you the points.
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