I can't Install the driver of printer HP 3800n !!!!

My XP SP2 machine can not dedect the printer HP LaserJet 3800n !

while installing the driver program it gives me messege :
Dedect a new printer .... Please Wait ...

just like that .... i waited for more that 15 Mins but nothing hapend !!!

i've change the USB cable but no use !!

is any body can help me with that???
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i believe my post led him to the solution, but i have no objection
test it first on another PC, it can be bad.
also, did you install the software before the printer was connected? if not, uninstall al  softand drivers, disconnect printer, then install soft.
connect printer only when asked !
samawyAuthor Commented:
the problem was with hardwar of the USB plug.

thanks for help
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