Exchange Reported Error (0x80040107) Could Not Open Item - After Mailbox, Backup Exec 10d, Restore

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Here's the problem: SBS2k3 with Exchange recovered from Backup Exec 10d.
Clients are using Outlook 2k3. When they try to send/receive  they get the error:

Exchange Reported Error (0x80040107) Could Not Open Item. try again.
Also Outlook says Online rather than Connected.

I've looked at the other requests for this same question and have tried them all.
I was able to get to this point, with most of the information posted here, but now I'm stuck. I've looked in the Exchange System Manager Console Folders/ System Folders/ offline address book, And there are no entries in the replication tabs. I don't know if I should unmount, repair, then manually reconfigure the clients, which I've read in a couple of other sites. Do I really need to do this? How do you do it? Or am I missing something here.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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ikm7176Connect With a Mentor Commented:
-export all the data to .pst file
-delete the mailbox in system manager or aduc using exchange tasks
-recreate the mailbox for the user.
-create a new outlook profile
-import the .pst file
Also, try to disable the outlook cache mode and check.
zdav28Author Commented:
Hey Sage,
 Yes, I've disabled cashe mode. I'll be trying you suggestion in about an hour.
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zdav28Author Commented:
I deleted the recepients mail box in Exchange Sys Man.
I deleted the smtp account in AD, now the E-mail Tab is gone.......
However in AD it still shows the email addree
Do I have to delete the User from AD altogether and create a new User?
Sorry to sound so dumb but I've never had to do this before.
zdav28Author Commented:
I copied My Documents, Desktop, and Favorites to a temp folder on the C:\drive, exporting the .pst file to that folder also.
I deleted the user in AD, then recreated the account.
Logged in as the user, copied the desktop back, setup Outlook to the exchange server.
Then imported the .pst file
It's working. I don't know if this is the most appropriate way of doing this, but it worked.
Thanks for your insite and help.
zdav28Author Commented:
Sage, Thanks for your help. You wouldn't know why the Email tab disappeared from the user account would you? This has me a little perplexed. Just wondering?????? Thanks again
Deleting the mailbox deletes user attributes. Since, the user account has lost its attribute you will not not find the E-mail Tab.
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