Netmeeting and Westell Versalink 327W1

I'm trying to set up Netmeeting on my Windows XP computer and I cannot connect to any ILS server.

Someone suggested that the problem might be in the configuration of my 327W but I didn't understand any of the details he mentioned.

Do you think that is the problem and, if so, could you give me simple step-by-step directions for rectiyfing it?

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try a windows 2000 fix
netmeeting is kind of outdated these days
 to place a Netmeeting call simply call the other persons IP address click the Call menu, then New Call in Netmeeting
The address that you are trying to reach, can you go to start>run>cmd, and ping it?

huntersvcsRetired ITCommented:
Don't know what version of Netmeeting you are using, but here is the latest (I think):

You may want to try running it in compatibility-mode (WinNT-SP5) or something like that.

You may also want to take a closer look at a possible firmware update (dsl-modem). (as mentiioned Merete) identifies problems with Windows 2000.  Maybe you need to do both:  determine port configuration "and" run in compatibility mode for W2K.
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eschampAuthor Commented:
merete and johnb6767:

Both PCs in question are on LANs behind the forewall provided by the 327W. The IP address of each is one of those 192.168.x.x ones, that is not seen from the Internet.

Or are you referringto the IP addrsss of the ILS servers??

huntersvcs: Yes, I'm using 3.02. "Be a fool not to." :-)

Something like that? Is that an expert answer, I ask you! :-)

I'll look at the W2K file.

eschampAuthor Commented:

You say that NetMeeting is obsolete. What free progam that runs on both XP and Vista would you suggest, that does whiteboard and chat?

This is my 4th attemp at responding, for some reason there was bug and errored out after submitting

I understand your concerns  
with whiteboarding  where is it where has it gone has been asked many times here at EE
I really miss the old white board with netmeeting and windows messenger but with advancement of maliscious software  malware and   Piracy a lot of the programs we used are being fazed out.,113659-page,1/article.html?tk=dn112503X

Since the release of Windows XP, Microsoft has deprecated it in favour of Windows Messenger and Microsoft Office Live Meeting , although it is still installed by default (Start : Run... : C:\Program Files\NetMeeting\conf.exe). Note that Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger hooks directly into NetMeeting for the application sharing, desktop sharing, and Whiteboard features exposed by each application.
Once again we stare down the road of progress and microsoft wants the world to be running Vista alone it is also becoming very difficult to share files across from Xp to Vista. Some programs will not run between the two.
There is also talk of Office being included in the future OS packs to further have a hold over Piracy.

NetMeeting is no longer included with Windows Vista, and has been replaced by Windows Meeting Space
and Microsoft Office Live Meeting.
Microsoft Office Live Meeting Over View
Windows Meeting Space only has collaboration features and lacks NetMeeting's conferencing features. Live Meeting includes the conferencing features that Windows Meeting Space doesn't offer.

The old
Microsoft NetMeeting
The new..
Windows Live Netmeeting

web conferencing white boarding  is one new avenue.
Application sharing in Windows Messenger for Windows XP:
Whiteboarding Tools And Technology: A Mini-Guide
Group Boarding


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Works now great :)
eschampAuthor Commented:
Didn't really answer my question but I guess it's the best I'm going to get.
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