mp3 player says "no authority" when trying to play

i downloaded audio off of Napster Inc. and i transfered the files to my mp3 player.  when i try to play the audio file, it says "no authority" and will not play.  these are legit audio files and should play.  it is not just the one file it is all of them. please help!

model is Omnitech MP3-125 fm MP3 Player...
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It is the player your using I would bet. If you have a media player that connects to the internet to verify the audio file.
downloading streamed files from napster may carry DRM now, like other tools such as iTunes WMP all require a regestered certificate to identify you if you don't have one then it won't play.
Often times these files will only play on the designated player for Napster as is the case here.
Did it ask you for a certificate?

what media player are you using?

jsthursdayAuthor Commented:
yes that is the cause, i was just reading about it tonight. media player 10 for windows vista. how would i go online and validate them? so i can play them on external devices...thanks!
When it asks you for lisense say yes you should have a digital lisense with WMP.
Do you have a membership wih Napster?
Dont think you can unfortunately add them to your MP3 like itunes it has it's own ipod and can upload personal mp3 to it  but the iTunes stay within their lisensing agreement.
What is the format of these plays a part. Like real media has RM extension and only plays in their real player
It's a big problem I do agree with piracy but even the legit owners suffer too.
Itunes has a work around

Your only option here is to record the files to mp3 format.
Use your search engine.

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jsthursdayAuthor Commented:
yeah i know i have researched it a little bit. ive tried pushing yes but its greyed out. i guys thats a good restriction. thanks for helping. you can delete this question
Do it yourself jsthursday
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All the Best Merete
Just one question
 why not accept my answer  and that there is no solution beacuse they are copyrighted..  I assisted you to understand what the problem was and now you say thanks delete it.
jsthursdayAuthor Commented:
okay sure.
Thank you, now others will see this question and the solution that fits the problem.
you can record audio  from (speakers) and export to mp3/
Just search the tools out
All the best with it.
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