Dialog Pointers to another dialog

Hi Experts,

I have created a modeless dialog that is created in a modal dialog.  In the modeless dialog I have a listctrl
of names that I want to send back to the modal dialog.  However I need to set the pointer pTheApp->pDialog back to the modal dialog in order to tell the dialog pointer that it is not empty (NULL) so I can send a message to the modal dialog's functions.

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you get the main dialog(modal dialog) handle and store it .

HANDLE hdl=this->m_hWnd;

in second dlg
CDlg *pdlg=(CDlg*) FromHandlePermanent(hdl);
pdlg-> ////////Add ur code for listctrl values
send message to the main dialog



JPM2002Author Commented:
U K,

I changed it to

CDialog *pdlg=(CDialog*) CWnd::FromHandlePermanent(pTheApp->hdl);
  without the CWind:: would error out as 'FromHandlePermanent' : undeclared identifier

however I also get this error
'FromHandlePermanent' : cannot convert parameter 1 from 'void *' to 'struct HWND__ *'

no way I know to fix this.

Change the following line:

 HANDLE hdl=this->m_hWnd;


HWND hdl=this->m_hWnd;
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You can also store directly  the CDialog* instead of the handle:

// HANDLE hdl=this->m_hWnd;
CDialog * pDialog = this

//CDialog *pdlg=(CDialog*) CWnd::FromHandlePermanent(pTheApp->hdl);
CDialog * = pTheApp->pDialog;
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
In the modal dialog
pTheApp->pDialog = this;

To send a message
pTheApp->pDialog->SendMessage(MY_MESSAGE, WPARAM, LPARAM);
No need to store HWND's or use FromHandlePermanent or the like.

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JPM2002Author Commented:
Andy, Alb, UK

Thanks for your solutions. However I have to admit using and trying Andy's solution was the easiest and most elegant of the 3.
I hence give Andy the major number of points.  
I thanks you all.

JPM2002Author Commented:
see above
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